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Alan Leeds became instantly enthralled with magic after assisting Shari Lewis’ father at a school magic show in New York.  He was called up onto the stage to have his tie cut...and was able to see the secret.  So, at the ripe age of 10 he envisioned himself becoming a world-famous magician and immediately started performing at birthday parties, featuring the “famous” cut and restored tie illusion.


Over the years, Alan has performed for a wide range of audiences.  From corporate events for companies such as Hulu & New York Life, Imgur and Konica-Minolta, to organizations such as A.C.T, San Francisco Symphony, ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) & Sheldon Iowa Soybean Days, to private adult parties and Grad Nites, Alan has amazed crowds large and small.

Alan has won numerous close-up and stage awards from magic organizations such as IBM Ring 36, and recently was voted 1st place at the OMC Northern California Stage Magic Competition.

His creative routines involve audience participation, and because his energy and enthusiasm are contagious, you will WANT to be a part of the magic!

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